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Gladiator Beast

that sh*t is way too op it simply destroys all my traps, some gladiator beast cards should be limited cause once you have the deck completed to its max you can. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Gladiator Beast Dimacari (GLAS-EN) - Gladiators Assault - 1st bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Yugioh - # Gladiator Beast Andabata - Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge. Produkt jetzt als Erster bewerten. 1,00 €. Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand.

Gladiator Beast Gladiator Beast Domitianus Ultimate Rare Near Mint Japanisch

Gladiator Beast Tygerius (Gladiatorungeheuer Tygerius). Gladiator Beast Tygerius. EXVC - 0,83 Eur (inkl. Mwst exkl. Versand). Double Masters Booster. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Gladiator Beast Bestiari (GLAS-EN) - Gladiators Assault - 1st Edition - Common by Yu-Gi-Oh! bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Gladiator Beast Dimacari (GLAS-EN) - Gladiators Assault - 1st bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Gladiatorungeheuer Domitianus. Gladiator Beast Domitianus - 2 versions. Zeige ReprintsAngebote zeigen. Gladiatorungeheuer Domitianus. Gladiatorungeheuer Vespasius. Gladiator Beast Vespasius - 3 versions. Zeige ReprintsAngebote zeigen. Gladiatorungeheuer Vespasius. Rarity: Super Rare Edition: The Duelist Genesis - Limitierte Auflage Set Nr: TDGS​-ENSE2 Zustand / Condition: Near Mint Sprache: Englisch. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Deck · 40 Karten · Downloade die Deckliste (YDK/PDF) oder erstelle deine eigene Version auf cardcluster.

Gladiator Beast

GLAS-DE Gladiatorungeheuer Dimakari (EN Gladiator Beast Dimacari; FR: Dimachère, Bête Gladiateur; IT: Gladiatore Bestia Dimacari; ES: Bestia Gladiador​. Gladiator Beast Domitianus Ultimate Rare Near Mint Japanisch. Bei der Karte, die zum Verkauf angeboten wird, handelt es sich um: Gladiator. that sh*t is way too op it simply destroys all my traps, some gladiator beast cards should be limited cause once you have the deck completed to its max you can.

Gladiator Beast 100 BODYBUILDING TIPS Video

Gladiator Beast 1st Place Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile September 2020

Traunde and finally, and possibly the most important point is that Mirror Wall is much harder to play around compared to Wall of Disruption and can be used to confuse your opponent in the toggle game.

Since this sees little use it comes as a surprise to the opponent and often results in you destroying a monster by battle and their second monster or a spell or trap they set that turn.

Remember to activate this in the damage step. It is also important to know when to pay to keep mirror wall active for a second turn.

Widespread Ruin Good one for one removal which does not target. This is a fantastic card for the current META. Many players are dropping floodgate trap hole in favour of Widspread Ruin.

Paleozoic Hallucigenia Provides a similar function to Mirror Wall. But it does not affect multiple monsters and is not a counter to Hey!

It has two benefits, it can be used offensively and can be used to summon a body which can generate some advantage.

Impenetrable attack Fallen out of favour since March due to not being chainable and better options such as Widespread Ruin now exist. Windstorm of Etaqua A card which was once core but has fallen out of favour.

I believe this card could be very good in the current meta but is currently overshadowed by Wall of Disruption.

Drowning Mirror Force Ideally, you will use traps which protect your monsters. Unfortunatly, Drowning Mirror force fails to do this. However, it often sees play in the Endless Trap Hell builds; you can choose to not summon a monster to bait an attack into this trap.

Resolving this in the end phase of your opponents turn will usually win you the match, but it is dead vs other.

I like this in the main deck when using 3SD GB. Other skills we do not advise using this since it can quickly become a dead card.

This guide will examine the many potential skills that Gladiator Beasts will use, highlight their advantages and disadvantages and why you might want to use that in a specific META.

Gladiator Beasts are by far the most versatile deck in Duel Links because the core of the deck is small with only monsters being mandatory.

This means the deck has twelve spots for tech options which can be adapted to any Meta we are in. In total the main skills guide identifies and analyses 23 skills which the deck can use.

Each of which will influence how the deck is built and will vary in usefulness based on the current metagame. View the main skills guide Last updated March Here.

Sealed Tombs is the favoured skill among top Gladiator Beast players. This is because the skill offers powerful disruption against Vampires and Spellbooks essentially shutting down those decks for a turn which gives you time to establish a board.

Note, Sealed Tombs does not stop the summoning of Paleozoic cards since they are not monsters in the gravyard. Traditionally, Balance has been the skill of choice for Gladiator players.

The skill ensures that you open with one Gladaitor Beast monster and two backrow cards. You are now forced to use six spells and six traps to trigger the skill.

Because of this, the skill has fallen out of favour since traps hold much more value than the spells at our disposal. Balance is an excellent choice for the ladder where an all monster brick can be hard to recover from.

Tournament players tend to graviatate towards Sealed Tombs to improve the Vampire and Spellbook matchups while others use Endless Trap Hell for recovery.

Mind Scan appears to be overlooked in the current metagame but it has many benefits in the mirror match and against Destiny HERO. Mind Scan allows you to see all of your opponents face down cards as long as you maintain over life points which is fairly easy to do given all the backrow the deck has access to.

Mind Scan was nerfed in February to only activate on the third turn. This is false however as Gladiator Beasts can often run long matches and being able to see and play around all backrow to an extent is a very powerful skill.

It is particularly useful on the ladder to identify tech cards. Regardless of how good you are at reading prompts, you will find some usefulness in Mind Scan.

As a trap heavy deck, Gladiators can very easily abuse Endless Trap Hell. This skill can help acheive the deck out alternative win condition.

It also allows the deck to reuse lost resources. With this skill a hand of no Gladiator Beast monsters is not a brick and as a result it can afford to drop to 7 monsters.

ETH often maximises floodgate traps. If you are struggling with a deck not on ladder such as Sacred Phoenix please check out the ladder matchup guide Here.

General Tips for the Mirror Generally, you want to play the mirror match passively. The first player to make a mistake is the one who loses in the mirror match.

You should only attack when it is safe to do so but how do you determine this? Dkayed created a perfect delay guide which I have included in the appendix of this guide for you to reference while playing and also while reading this guide.

Alternatively, Mind Scan which will allow you to dominate the mirror match. It is often not safe to attack if you suspect the opponent has their own Enemy Eontroller and Impenetrable Attack or if they control at least two Gladiator Beast monsters without Impenetrable Attack.

It is often safe to attack into a suspected Enemy Controller if the opponent is not in a position to capitalise on an e-con take play in an attempt to get the opponent to waste the Enemy Controller.

If two Gladiator Beast players are both experienced in the mirror match the match will often be long without many attacks occurring. As a result, Heraklinos and Nerokius plays are more common than in any other match up.

It almost always is a bad idea to get Nerokius floodgated, but remember Nerokius has battle destruction immunity and can tag out. To win, your opponent will have to attack into Nerokius at some point.

They will do this only if they think it is safe to either. For example, if the opponent has 3 backrow cards and 2 in hand and you also have 3 backrow but three cards in hand Heraklinos is a strong play and can win you the mirror since he negates every backrow card including floodgate on his own summon and other Gladiators except Nerokius cannot take him down.

You do not need to negate every backrow card. For example, if Herkalinos is your only monster and you get hit by a Wall of Disruption while you have backrow protection for him you can let the wall through.

A Heraklinos is still a lot to deal with for GB. In this situation you have conserved one resource which can mean the difference between winning and losing the game.

The reason I say to only not negate wall in this situation if you have backrow preferably position changing, WoD or MW or floodgate is because the opponent could respond with Essedari and you will need to protect a Heraklinos.

If you are in top decking mode, Essedarii is a viable play since your opponent will need a Gladiator and backrow to deal with it.

This card is the key to winning the mirror match. That is testament to how strong this card is. This allows you to send your opponents monster back into their deck and special summon on from yours.

There is no point repeating what is already out there! The turn player always has card and effect activation priority.

This means that in your turn, you will always have to activate backrow and Gladiator Beast effects first.

The turn player also gets to decide the order effects go onto a chain not relevant for GB and the order in which continuous effects occur.

Unfortunately, the Duel Links app does chain order and continuous effects order automatically but it will always try and favor the turn player.

The most common interaction you will see is that Super Rush Headlong will always activate for the turn player first regardless of the order in which it is played.

You will also see this interaction occur with Sea Stealth Attack as it gains popularity. This will occur in reverse summon order.

Therefore, if both players toggle to off the turn player MUST tag out first. Special thanks to Puzoor for helping me test this interaction.

Mirror Match Closing Remarks By learning and playtesting the mirror match you will gain a deep understanding of how the deck functions and will improve your general gameplay for all other matchups.

For example, to do well in the mirror match you must learn how to use the toggle and how to make reads based on toggle delays which is a useful skill for any matchup you face and any other deck you use!

You will have also learnt how to side deck well against one particular matchup which will allow you to side against other matchups more effectively.

I enjoy the mirror match and I am happy to playtest the mirror with you. Just send me a message on discord brenduke to arrange a time that is convenient for us both.

However, unlike in several other matchups their deck is built around, they cannot simply stall on decider. Most of our monsters still fall below the attack threshold set by heroes and attacking an attack position hero can almost certainly guarantee running into a Mirror Wall.

Play this match slow. Mind scan can be used to hit non chainable backrow with Bestiari and avoid popping mask changes unless the front row is clear.

Sealed Tombs and Retiari tag ins are good options to stop celestial draw plays in the graveyard. Only attack defense position heroes if at all possible.

Like several other MUs, siding in or even maining a Sphere Kuriboh or 2 can impact the duel largely in your favor as the most aggressive player in this matchup is the one putting themself at risk.

Remember that you can out stall any hero deck, so you do not have to make an aggressive play until you want to. Lastly, note that multiple variants of heroes have teched in copies of drowning mirror force.

You may be staring at an empty front row and full backrow and simply be reading it as a wall of disruption, so exercise caution when attacking directly with multiple attack position monsters.

Vampires with trunades pose a very large threat to this deck and will most oftentimes have an OTK if they draw into it.

However, due to the threat of blue eyes and the mirror, many vamps are still forced to main deck enemy controllers which makes this matchup much easier.

Sealed tombs can stop an entire turn of vampire plays and make it very difficult for them to establish a strong board.

Meanwhile, retiari again shines in this matchup due to his ability to banish a familiar or retainer from the graveyard and disallowing their effect.

There is no fear of vampire vamp in this matchup unless you contact fuse, so keep that in mind as you make plays. One last note is that vampires have begun using their additional space to occasionally fit in a wall of disruption or 2, so you are not safe attacking into an attack position monster with unchainable backrow behind it.

As always, bestiari plays should try and target vampire kingdom since most decks only run 2 copies total and grace destruction is reliant off of that.

Blue-Eyes can pose a very real threat to Gladiators and is regarded as the most difficult matchup in the current meta.

Because of the ability to spit out one very large monster, a Wall of Disruption can at times not be enough.

In addition, Dragon Spirit of White rending away one of your backrow upon summon and then further being able to dodge things like Canadia and Floodgate can cause massive issues and leave you defenseless from the start.

Much like the matchup vs Heroes, Widespread Ruins is a card that shines here if the spirit did not target it.

Sealed Tombs is a very solid play to buy yourself a turn vs Blue-Eyes. Holy Guard can be a useful skill in this matchup due to the high damage you receive when attacking into the defense position blue eyes monsters.

Another key card and arguable the most important one is Enemy Controller. Crashing blue eyes monsters or taking one for lethal is crucial for a GB player that wants to escape a duel before the blue eyes player builds steam.

Dominant Skills Used: Restart , Switcheroo. By far the easiest matchup in the meta, Spellbooks have an extremely difficult time dealing with heavy trap backrows like we boast.

Wall of Disruption can stall for plays in the event books went first and banished your first monster. Additionally, Sealed Tombs is an absolute shut down of Spellbooks and prevents them from any plays aside from going into Lv8.

Retiari again can be clutch in this matchup due to hid ability to remove Spellbook of Fate ammo in the graveyard and take away potential targets for Spellbook of the Master.

Even the weakest of Gladiator Beasts has a higher attack than blue boy and makes this matchup a virtually free win as many times even a Treacherous Trap Hole is not enough for books to win.

If you have read this guide you will now have an excellent understanding as to how to play Gladiator Beasts and you should be able to now develop your own builds, tech choices and playstyle.

Gladiator Beasts are one of the most versatile decks in the metagame due to our small card core which allows us to continuously rebuild our decks to adapt to anything Konami will throw at us for the foreseeable future.

Gladiator Beasts also have excellent future potential because any new generic spell or trap release can be used and there are many more Gladiator Beast monsters yet to be released.

At some point our deck will get powercrept, but when that time comes we will remain a formidable rouge deck because we can very easily transition into an anti-meta deck.

We have amazing potential and the future looks brighter with the upcoming box, Rampage of the Forest, despite the general consensus that Gladiators are a dead deck due to Hey, Trunade!.

Firstly, Bacon Made a huge contribution to this guide and updated all the meta matchups. Please extend your gratitude to him!

I would like to thank Raytee and Green for their earlier Gladiator Beast guides which formed an important foundation for this guide and I would like to thank them both for their valued contributions to the current version of the guide.

Thank you to the other deck experts and guide writers for all their hard work. Reading your guides was the spark which led to writing this guide.

Your advice when creating this guide was invaluable. Thank you to every active member of gladiator-beasts in the DLM server for their amazing support and feedback on my previous guides.

And thank you for never giving up on the deck. Thanks to Dkayed for cultivating an amazing community worth working for. Thank you to all the players who said gladiators were dead.

You guys spur me on to prove you wrong with each new box release. And finally thank you to the amazing Devs and Content Managers for helping me convert this guide into a suitable format for the website.

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Fusion Monster. Trap Card. Spell Card. Gladiator Beast Alexander. Gladiator Beast Andabata. Gladiator Beast Andabata anime. Gladiator Beast Andal.

Gladiator Beast Attorix. Gladiator Beast Augustus. Gladiator Beast Augustus anime. Gladiator Beast Bestiari. Gladiator Beast Bestiari anime.

Gladiator Beast Darius. Gladiator Beast Dimacari. Gladiator Beast Domitianus. Gladiator Beast Dragases. Gladiator Beast Equeste. Gladiator Beast Essedarii.

Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz. Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. Gladiator Beast Gyzarus anime. Gladiator Beast Heraklinos. Gladiator Beast Hoplomus.

Gladiator Beast Lanista. Gladiator Beast Laquari. Gladiator Beast Laquari anime. Gladiator Beast Murmillo. Gladiator Beast Murmillo anime.

Gladiator Beast Nerokius. Gladiator Beast Noxious. Gladiator Beast Noxious anime. Gladiator Beast Octavius. Gladiator Beast Retiari.

Gladiator Beast Sagittarii. Gladiator Beast Samnite.

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This gives the deck between twelve and thirteen tech spots which you can customize to have favourable matchups against a specific group of decks.

The deck has seen a resurgence in playability due to the October Forbidden and Limited list essentially removing Amazoness from the metagame and limiting troublesome cards such as Hey!

Trunade and Treacherous Trap Hole. However, this success has brought threats to the deck as players have begun side decking Jinzo, Hey!

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Winged lion. Special Summons 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters from your Deck. Black bear. Augustus Caesar. Red-crowned amazon.

Darius the Great. Cape buffalo. Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus. Constantine Dragases Palaiologos. Bald Eagle.

Special Summons 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters with different names from your Deck. Winged Centaur. Gaius Julius Caesar. Destroys up to 2 cards on the field whenever it's Special Summoned.

Cannot be destroyed by battle and when this card battles, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. Special Summons itself from your hand when your opponent declares a direct attack and redirects the attack to itself then proceeds to damage calculation; also, it cannot be destroyed by that battle.

Sends 1 Gladiator Beast monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. Gaius Octavius.

Gladiator Beast Gladiator Beast Alternative Artworks. Damit kannst du Karteneffekte direkt nach lesen, ohne die Seite wechseln zu müssen. Kartentyp Monster. Deine Decks. Book Of Online Digest Nov 18, 0. Prev Next. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. Gladiatorungeheuer Gyzarus. Eigenschaft. FINSTERNIS. Stufe. 6. Monstertyp. Gladiator Beast Dragases. Gladiatorungeheuer Dragases. Eigenschaft. WIND. Link. 2. Monstertyp. Monster X 22 * Gladiator Beast Laquari gemeinsamen X1 * Gladiator Beast Bestiari gemeinsamen X3 * Gladiator Beast Darius gemeinsamen X1 * Gladiator​. Yugioh - # Gladiator Beast Andabata - Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge. Produkt jetzt als Erster bewerten. 1,00 €. Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand. Gladiator Beast Dragases. Gladiatorungeheuer Dragases. Eigenschaft. WIND. Link. 2. Monstertyp. They will do this only if they think it is safe to Teddy Play. This monster allows us to destroy any monster on the field when he is tagged in and can remove large threats like Cosmo BrainSilent Magician LV. Gladiator Beast Vespasius. Korean Spiel Insel Gestrandet. With this skill a hand of no Gladiator Beast monsters is not a brick and as a result it can afford to drop to 7 monsters. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. Gladiator Beast


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